SEWING - A Longtime Hobby

The "SEW" part of my ID is because I am also a seamstress.

I have been collecting Gunne Sax vintage 70's long dresses
and other formals for over 20 years.
Currently my collection is over 100 dresses.
I used to take older style prom formals and cut them down
into little girls play dresses to sell at craft shows.

I wish I had digital pictures of all the prom and formal dresses I made for the girls when my son was in high school.
I also made all the uniforms for the color guard and drum major of the marching band.
Someday I'll get digital copies made from all those old pictures.

Mostly I've made Renaissance outfits since I've been digital.
These are some examples:

I made all the costumes we are wearing
including my Mardi Gras dress, my son Eddie's Renn garb
and my friend Jan's Elizabethan ballgown.
Jan's daughter Holly is wearing a black re-creation
of the Barbie Solo in the Spotlight black gown.

This was taken in New Orleans in a Civil War ballgown I made.

This is my favorite picture of my son and I
in Renaissance garb.

Halloween as a flower in a flower pot

As a saloon girl for a trade show.


Jacksonville State University, Alabama, , is located in my town.
They have an amazing music department led by Ken Bodiford.
The football season is enhanced by the halftime performances of The Marching Southerners band.
And these shows would not be complete without the dance line called The Marching Ballerinas.
This is a group steeped in tradition that is a very essential part of the program.

Since their inception in the 60's, the girls have worn a red and white outfit lovingly called a "santa".
They were originally a 2-piece skirt and vest, but over the years had changed to a one-piece dress with
wide belt that gave the same impression. In 2003, they decided to go back to their roots, so I
made these outfits for all 35 girls.

The skirts are a marvel of construction as they are a double full circle
which gives them the extra fullness needed for high kicks and twirls.
It has been an honor for me to be involved with the band and Ballerinas as their seamstress.