July 7-14, 2013
Cruise to Alaska on Holland America ship Oosterdam
Lynn, Cindy and Elaine

We flew into Seattle on the 6th and spent the night at the airport Hilton.
We saw strange goings-on and discovered there was a convention....
remember MY LITTLE PONY from the 1980's? It's obviously still alive and well.

I sweet talked the security guys into letting me go in the vendor room and buy some t-shirts so I could get this cool bag.

Seattle skyline

We got the biggest laugh the first time getting in the elevator.
Thank you Holland America for always reminding us what day it was.

Some scenes from around the ship.
The Atrium started on the 1st floor and went to the 3rd floor.
The globe was HUGE and was turning every so slowly. It was beautiful.

I won $211 playing bingo one day and Lynn won $225 another day.

The reason we went on this cruise is because it was the "DANCING WITH THE STARS AT SEA" cruise.

The professional dancers were Tristan McManus and Kym Johnson

The former dancing Stars were Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley and Shawn Johnson

There was a question and answer session

There was a fashion show around the pool of costumes from past DWTS shows.
Carson and Kym were the hosts.
Carson took a turn around the pool
in the cheerleader outfit he did a dance in on the show.

The show on Thursday night was fabulous!
They performed it at 8:00 and 10:00. We went to both shows.

On the last day, after the dance competition show, I got lucky and ran into
Tristan and Kym by the elevator. Kym took this picture for me. YEAAAA!!!

Tuesday, we cruised through Tracy Arm but could not get close to the glacier because of ice.
The views were spectacular and fascinating.

Wednesday we were in Juneau.
We went on a whale watching tour and saw quite a few whales and sea lions,
but it was hard to capture the pictures of the whales with our cameras.
Thes pictures were taken by another passenger who had a super duper camera.

Note the eagle in the background.
This is a whale named Sasha.
The fin looked like she was waving at us.

Thursday we were in Sitka. There were lots of eagles there flying all over the place.
It was awesome and hard to capture a photo.
These are salmonberries. The one I'm holding is fully ripe.

We went to a place called Fortress of the Bear.
If a mama bear dies, no one will adopt her cub, so they die, but this place rescues them,
raises them and then adopts them out to zoos.
The bear in the pond is hitting the tether ball because it is filled with almonds
and has a hole so he hits it and some almonds fly out and he gets a treat.

Friday we were in Ketchikan and saw the Great Alaska Lumberjack show.

We saw this beautiful carved tusk in a shop there.

Saturday was in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada.
We took a horse drawn trolley tour. These buildings are a very old hotel and a government building.

Got a kick out of this sign near the dock.
Lynn's last name is Longshore.